HAROLD TERRY LINDAHL Founder and President of I=E Institute is a noted Bay Area architect, philosopher and painter, concentrat-ing on the history of Gnostic and esoteric thought, throughout successive civilizations, the nature of thermodynamics, biology, physics and Complex Adaptive Systems. The expression of these studies, through empirical method of science, led to a coalesced understanding of objective science, objective art and objective religion. Author of The Harmonics of Unity (2017) a treatise with profound implications for Humanity, it includes his intricate, elegant ink drawings that demonstrate the principles of his philosophical researches; abstract paintings based on those drawings that marry evocative form with color, recalling the works of Kandinsky, Klee and others; and large, totem-like structures related to Constructivism, expressing his views of the human condition at this moment in evolutionary history.


SUSANNAH HAYS MFA, MA, Ph.D. Associate Director I=E Institute is a fine art photographer and educator whose philosophical approach to image-making contributes to her understanding of evolution and the human predicament. By way of Nature’s Discourse: A Co-Evolutionary Approach to Art and Environmental Design (U. C. Berkeley, 2016) and Transdisciplinarity: Vagus Nerve Functioning (ATLAS, 2018), she is a member of C.I.R.E.T. Transdisciplinary Congress calling for a biological imperative within their moral charter project. Her archive was established at Stanford University Special Collections Library in 2010.

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DEWITT CHENG MFA is a well known Bay Area art critic, curator, and educator with degrees in art history and studio art from Stanford University and San Francisco State. He is guest curator of Stanford University Art Spaces, the Peninsula Museum of Art and I=E Institute. He has written hundreds of reviews for the past 12 years for print and online publications such as: Artweek, Art Ltd., Artillery, ArtNews, East Bay Express, East Bay Monthly, Sculpture, San Jose Metro, Stanford Daily,,,,, and